Friday, 12 July 2013

Terracotta Clay Vase

What a messy, yet relaxing activity!

The kids had the opportunity to work their gross motor skills (arms and shoulders) and fine motor skills (wrists, hands and fingers) through manipulating clay: rolling, kneading, cutting and handling tools such as blunt knives, plastic forks, cookie cutters, fruit kebab sticks, straws, spoons, plastic nozzles and other bits and bobs which leave a marvellous impression on clay.

The children learned the properties of clay: it becomes softer after kneading it; using slip (potter's "glue")- a mixture of water and clay used to blend together separate pieces of clay, as well as to smooth down any ridges.

They also learned to impress on clay (using tools which leave their mark on clay;) apply on clay (cutting separate shapes of clay and applying them onto the vase using slip; and pierce on clay using straws and kebab sticks to make 'holes.' They also produced designs on their vase by scratching the surface of the clay using kebab sticks.

Next week we will be furthering our hands-on experience with terracotta clay through designing and making a hanging mask, as well as painting on ceramic crockery using ceramic paints.

Looking forward for another creative venture! :-)

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