Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Baby Button Cards

Celebrating the birth of a new child using buttons, and hot air balloons!!

Adding a cute note inside...

Vivid colous...

Yellon and green... who knows if it's a baby girl or a baby boy? :)

Baby Girl!

Under the water, no matter the weather!

This week's art piece had a twist..The kids had a go at turning themselves in mermaids, sharks, divers peering out of submarines...any thing they could have imagined if they live under the water, if the opportunity arises! :) Mixed media was used on painted paper which was painted the week before.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Next week: Underwater Scene, in which our prortrait will play an important part! :)

Creating the background in watery paint for next week's project. Printing scrunched-up newspaper whilst the paint is still wet to create interesting marks. Stay tuned to see what turns out after next week's lesson!

Ceramic Painting

Whilst our terracotta creations are away for the firing, we have dug into another project. This time we gave a groovy look to a plain ceramic piece, be it a plate, a mug or a bowl! Ceramic paints were used, as well as ceramic paint markers, which lent themselves to creating different features. Objects such as sponges, cotton buds, matches and toothpicks were used for different sizes and types of mark-making.

Remember, 3 days to set and the children can use these masterpiece sin the kitchen! :)

Birds of a Feather

Creating a scene on coloured paper, using circles and spirals, alternating colours between sky and tree-trunk to create contrast. Lines were added to bind the circles together. Change of colours on coloured paper was observed. Coloured feathers added the fine touvh to our birds!

Observing Nature

Copying Monet's flowers, tempera on canvas. Using the Impressionist technique- making use of the paintbrush as a tool to create texture and movement

Zooming into Da Vinci's Baptism of Christ. Using layers of paint to create texture, and using the paintbrush to create movement in the dove's wing

Still life using oil pastels- exploring different media

Still life in paint on canvas

Still life in oil pastels- using broken colour and blending colour

Still life in oil pastels- using broken colour and blending colour

Scrapbooking Photo Frames

Some special wrapping paper (which came all the way from London in my luggage :) ) was themed up with some pretty coloured paper, ribbon and embellishments which created these wonderful photo frames. Tags out of coloured cardboard, with eyelets and ribbons ensure that the memories last!!

Another successful project by my little artists :)