Saturday, 21 February 2015

Colour tones

Today's lesson was based on colour tones: using the same colour but making it lighter by gradually adding white.

We also revised warm (red, yellow, orange, brown, magenta) and cool (blue, purple, green) colours by choosing one warm and one cool colour to alternate in the two paintings. Colours transmit emotion and temperature: warm sun over cool sea or cool moon over warm sand in the desert? We'll leave it up to your own imagination!




Francesco (in progress)





Lightening colours using chalk


Martina Cini






Sunday, 15 February 2015

Meta l-maskerati ġew ipinġu f'Jum San Valentinu

It was a different and exciting day yesterday at Budding Artists. Not only children celebrated Carnival by attending in their awesome Carnival costumes, but they also produced pictures based on another loved celebration: Valentine's Day.

These are the children's Valentine Trees in pen. It was a detailed and intricate task, but well worth:

The clown and her colourful heart tree

The joker adding details and spirals in marker

Vampire girls and their silhouette trees 

Fairies love hearts!

Spirals, shading and hatching

Black, blue and red...including a heart owl, hear hedgehog, heart star and heart clouds


Love tree, love flowers and love clouds!

A cross-section between a leaf and a heart

Intrinsic spiraling detail

The buzzing bee :)

Ana using shades of reds for her tree

Geisha girl using shades of reds and pinks

Rapunzel and Aurora and their Valentine trees

Who said nurses can't draw? ;)

Hippies and trees

Geisha girl

Using thick contrasts between marker and pen

Getting the branches ready for the leaves 

A heart tree

Cyann, 7

Ylenia, 7

Martina Cini...blending colours and using text within a drawing

Yasmin, Using different width sizes to create outline created with lots of tiny hearts in marker


Martina Cassar, 6

Gianluca, 7

Chanelle, 6


Spiderman befriends the dragons

Alayah...using different sized markers to create contrast and balance at the same time