Thursday, 14 July 2016

Glass Painting

Our first glass painting project is here :) Hand-glass-painted cups! 

The children were exposed to another type of paint, which needs to be use subtly and carefully for smooth finishes and to avoid any drips. They also found their own way of manipulating the cup in order to allow them to work at all of its angles.

Here are some of the results :)

Colourful Zebra Collage (in the making)

The children created their colourful patterns using mixed media including pencils, pastels and paints. Once dry, these will be transformed into zebra stripes...who said zebras should be black and white?? Let's give life a pop of colour!! Check out this space next week! :)

Once the decorative paintings were dry, children transferred a zebra drawing using carbon paper....a magical tool which the children loved and were amazed by!

Cutting out the stripes and placing them on the template as a guide....

Here are some of the zebra images the zebra come out through its stripes!!

Paper Mache Ice-creams!

We've learned how to turn junk maganzines and newspaper into something yummy using a plastic cup, glue and a week these will look even yummier with colour! Check out the several-scooped ice-creams, some with a cherry on top or even a flake at the side!!

Painting the dry paper-mache ice-creams in white acrylic as a base for colour...

Next in line...painting in flavours! Watch this space :)