Monday, 22 September 2014

Some great art produced from little artists and their colourful world....

Inky drawings from a magical garden...adding tiny details

More magial drawings

Attempts at portraiture proportions

Nature inky dreams...

Flowers, stitches and lamps

A Koala bear's point of view...

Mum and daughter time

Celopatra profile view with frontal eye view...pencil colours and gold leaf

Parcmina cards with threaded envelopes

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Once upon a time there a was a child...

Concertina-style Photo Book with ribbons to open and close

Plaster of Paris Memo Holder

Mixing Plaster of Paris, water...and green food colouring!

Pouring the mixture into yogurt cups. Holding the popsickle stick with the glued-on peg until the mixture sets

Awaiting next week to be turned into something cool and useful!

Adding tempera paint and marker details and.....Tataaaa!!! 

Other art in the making...

Creating feathery texture and hatching using pencils

Recreating a flower in pointillism manner using felt-tip pens

Mosaic using cellophane and magazine paper

Appreciating the beauty of Raphael's Madonna del Baldacchino...creating figures using shapes

Inspired by Caravaggio's fruit still life on dyphtic canvas (ongoing works)

Using the paintbrush to create the texture of petals and foliage

Using chalk on black paper to create fireworks, which eventually led to Van Gogh's Starry Night

Using chalk on black paper to create fireworks, which eventually led to Van Gogh's Starry Night

Looking through Sunglasses at Animal print

Designing our own pair of cool sunglasses, and creating animal print at the back....we took care that the black in the animal print (ladybird spots, zebra and tiger stripes, bee stripes, cow and Dalmation spots....) is visible through the black paper itself!

Designing tiles fit for cool dogs!

This was time (and energy) consuming, however the result is worth it! After splitting the page in squares, the children filled up each square (tiles) in different patterns, details, flags, colours...some squares also has a scene or an episode from the child's own life depicted in them! Amidst all these, a gorgeous colourful dog takes form!

Bottle top Printing on T-Shirts

It was fun creating our own designer T-Shirts...there ain't one just like it on the entire planet, cos we made them ourselves! The range includes pretty flowers, lovely hearts, beautiful butterflies, cute caterpillars, wacky patterns and groovy initials...some even come with fringed sleeves!

Pressing bottle tops on the T-Shirt's hem...the trick is in the detail!

Creating flowers using bottle tops, a pop-sickle edge for the stalk...and some fingers (naturally!)

Jazzing up an old T-Shirt...a cute caterpillar goes up the neckline

Some cool designs and initials...

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Inky drawings of a Secret Garden

We got inspired by the lovely and intricate drawings created with just a black pen- drawings of flowers, dragonflies and other insects, leaves, twigs, trees, pretty gazebos and lots of other detailed items one finds in a garden. The children were encouraged to add their own details and patterns, and also to zoom into a particular area of the whole picture.

Here is what they look like now...more details and work to be continued next week!