Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sir Terry Frost's colourful seascapes

We hit off the Summer programme by injecting some bright colour into a seascape formed by simple shapes!

The aim was to learn to make use of stripes and shapes, sometimes within each other, to create forms- sun, boats, sails, flags clouds, sea waves...

The objective is quite simple, however this exercise trains the children to appreciate shapes, get more familiar with their properties and eventually make use of them when they need to draw something more complex- everything builds on shapes and lines, really, even the most complex structures!

You can follow the link below to view some of Sir Terry Frost's magnificent paintings to further discuss with your child, and to get him/her talking about what s/he remembers from the lesson and what s/he has learned:
Terry Frost

Thanks and looking forward to next week!! =)

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