Friday, 19 August 2016

When a mosaic artist paid a visit to our classroom....

The children were inspired how to create a mosaic using different types of nuggets and tiles of different colour, shape, form and texture. After planning their mosaic on paper, the children then glued their pieces on the wooden base.

Check out this space next week to see the final result after grouting! :)

After the grouting....


The lesson started off with a discussion about what is a 'xatt' (promenade.) The children then had the opportunity to brainstorm about promenades which they are aware of, and what a promenade is made up of. Aspects included: church, umbrellas, chairs and tables, benches, rubbish bins, palm trees, gelaterias, coffee shops, restaurants, telephone box and letter box, statues, poles and light bulbs and traditional homes.

Here is what followed....

Turning junk magazines into art!

Monday, 15 August 2016

A florist at Budding Artists: Topiary Trees

Today, Mum, who is a florist herself, was invited to class to inspire the children by her topiary tree creations. 

The children then had a go at creating their own topiary trees out of cupcake liners, pompoms, buttons and sequins, along with Styrofoam spheres, kite paper, dowel rods, moss and clay pots. And, oh! The ribbons added the final touch!

Covering the styrofoam base with kite paper

Adding lines to cupcake liners

The dowel rod has already been set in a cement mixture in the terracotta clay pot and left to dry. Then children covered this with newspaper to lift the base, whilst avoiding to increase more weight with the cement.

Putting glue over the newspaper...

Putting moss to cover the newspaper

Covering the Styrofoam ball in glue before covering in kite paper

Gluing the cupcake liner flowers in place

Gluing the cupcake liner flowers in place

Gluing the cupcake liner flowers in place

Gluing the cupcake liner flowers in place

Adding decoration!

Adding decoration!

Adding decoration!

Adding decoration!

The florist and her team at Budding Artists, proud with their freshly-created topiary trees!