Friday, 19 July 2013

Terracotta Clay Hanging Mask, inspired by Picasso

Crafts and Art are linked, both of them complement each other, and throughout Crafts workshops the children will also be exposed to famous artists.

The first one to learn about is Pablo Picasso, a Spanish Cubist artist, who apart from his wacky and original paintings, is also popular for his beautiful ceramic works. We will be looking at his ceramic work later on when we aim to produce a Paper Mache sculpture inspired by his groovy sulptures.

Picasso's work was determined by facial features which put the subject into awkward postures- taking the below painting of a seated woman, we can see her looking at us, but at the same time her nose is on the side of the face, as if looking sideways. That is why you will notice some vivid imagination in your child's clay mask, even more when it's painted, since it is inspired from this awesome artist!

You can visit this Google link to learn more about Picasso with your child:
Picasso's Artwork

Ceramic Painting

The kids were really concentrated throughout, yet very creative. I was surprised by the vast ideas they came up with, just by using some simple tools- matchsticks, toothpicks, cotton buds and sponges, and of course ceramic paints and crockery.

I hope you like them as much as they have enjoyed doing them- rest assured that they can eat on their plates, as well as to wash them in warm soapy water. It would be a lovely artifact to cherish once they grow up!