Sunday, 26 October 2014


Apples using soft pastels on textured paper...using broken strokes for a more lively feel, as if the apple is 'breathing.' Darkening colours using complimentary colours and other shades, rather than black.

Apples on textured paper, Kieran, 8 and Francesco, 10

Autmn celebrations

Pumpkins, Jack O'Lanterns and Halloween....

Rayan's purry progress

Haunted House, Martina

Martina, 5, a cat with a pumpkin on its head

Kristina, 5, Jack O'Lantern in the light of the moon

(For some reason I cannot rotate this)..Ylenia, 6, a cat with the top part of a Jack O'Lantern!

Andre, 4, Jack O'Lantern

Chanelle, 5, Cat and a Bat

Gian Luca, 7, Jack O'Lantern in the moonlight


Journaling...turning a smudge of paint into a work of art by going round using markers and lines (straight, dotted, wiggly lines....) When the two forms meet the flow of lines also changed...

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Complimentary Colours: Red- Green

The Colour Wheel

Here we go...we're learning about the wonders of colour. Red and green are one of the three pairs of Complimentary colours, that is they come opposite each other in the colour wheel. Moreover, when used togetehr they add contrast and a punch to the painting...and when mixed they create a shade of brown which just goes perfectly to darken green and/or red! We've also observed the light and shade whilst drawing these apples and tomoatoes.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Pop-out striped hands

This lesson was a good excuse to learn about the English artist Bridget Riley, whose paintings are also famous as optical illusions:

See what we mean about optical illusions? Cool huh? :)

The children used their own hands, together with two or three colours, including white of the paper to make their hands pop out. During this lesson we also learned that our fingers and hands are not flat like a paper, but are curvy, just like sausages and toilet paper rolls...we went up and down over the fingers, just the same a car does when it goes over a sleeping police.

Pop-out striped hands

This lesson also lent itself to drawing simplifying them into shapes and lines.
We also learned about the anatomy of the hand, including joints, knuckles and finger nails!

A hand created out of shapes and lines!