Sunday, 16 February 2014

Carnival Masks from Re-used Material

After brainstorming and sketching on themed masks, we made us of toilet-paper rolls, corks, bottletops, egg cartons, sweet wrappers, yogurt cups and yogurt lids. Of course, a touch of glitter is all that we need!

Here is what the kids have been up to so can also see some almost-finished results!

And the result is the following:

Sparkly mask-holders!

Glitzy Butterfly

Mignon from Despicable Me! =)

China Town!

A Brave Lion

Vampire Girl

Graceful Butterflies

Monster High

Beautiful Butterfly

Saturday, 8 February 2014


Painting Cruise liners

Water lilly in charcoal

Queen Elsa from Frozen, Mixed media on canvas

Koala Mummy Bear and her young one


Valentine hearts and Colour tones

We learned that adding white to the colour makes it lighter, a little white, more white....

A good tip is that you put the darker colour into the lighter one on the palette, for example, red into white since white allows red to change it more. If you will put white into the red, you will need more white to mix a lighter red since red is a darker colour than white, thus more 'stubborn.'

A touch of glitter added to the sweet love =)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Overlapping Card

Blue-themed paper, blue ribbons and blue markers. We reused greeting cards for the Happy Birthday heading. This time it was a birthday card for Dad, an uncle or a boy cousin.

Parċmina and Embossed Flower Cards

Using thick paper, Aquarelles, embossing tools, felt-tip pens and markers. Check out our cool overlapping envelope!

The power of design, patterns and repetition of concepts like line, shapes and colour.

It is awesome to think that each shape is created by a line, and each line is started off by a single dot. Like Paul Klee, an artist whose art is very colourful and child-like, used to say: "A line is a sot that goes for a walk."