Saturday, 14 April 2012

Joan Miro #1

Getting swept away with Miro's wacky designs and his use of line, shape and colour.  

Joan Miro (1893-1983) was a Spanish artist. His images, which came from his memory, the unconscious, dreams, and transformative modernist art processes, are at once childlike, innocent and sophisticated.

Miro Mural

 CHILDREN'S DRAWINGS (Mediums: oil pastels/ soft pastels/ pencil/ pens/ colour)

Spaghetti and triangles pattern- Ilenia
My favourite fruit- Michela

Ronan- Bananas

My favoruite fruit- Michaela

Strawberries and triangles- Rayan

Eye-roach city- Davide

Strawberry and orange in a bowl- Gabriel

Flying orange- Yazmin

Rollercoaster- Luke

Sheep on the road- Nermine
Lips- ball City- Leah C.

Me at the start of the road- Elise

Eye ball- Robert

Myself- Chayenne

Superstar- Shelby

Games me and my Nannu play- Gianluca

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