Friday, 21 June 2013

Warm Colours

As if the weather wasn't hot enough, today we painted deserts filled with warm oranges, fiery reds, bright yellows and earthy brown. Camels, tents, snakes and other reptiles which reside in the deserts also came to life, as did oasis with palm trees for some refreshments for the poor camels! =) This art lesson also proved a successful geography lesson thanks to the deserts, their hot days and cold nights!

A surrealist approach- Caterpillars emerging into butterflies, through warm colours

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday 8th June

Cold Colours- Painting a snowy scene

Abstract/ Surrealism- "In the Beginning"

Cold Colours Snowy Scene

Cold Colours Snowy Scene

Mice made out of socks, buttons, foam and wool- Minu thought they look cute!

What happens when we dip our paintbrush in finger paints?

Mixing colours and creating shapes

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Practicing still life with a twist: It was quite tricky drawing shoes from different angles in still life- then the kids had a go at transforming these shoes into large giant ones by adding tiny stick people on/in them- sleeping, climbing, falling off, even sleeping!

This surrealist approach was inspired by the Belgian artist Rene' Magritte, who loved painting everyday objects and then giving them an almost magical twist which makes one stop and think.

Overall, this was great fun and promoted great observatory skills too!