Saturday, 22 December 2012

Scrap-booking Christmas Card Making

Scrap-booking is very in fashion right now and it also takes care of our environment by reusing and reducing material which can be used to create beautiful creations.

Reusing Christmas cards, Christmas wrapping, fabric remnants and envelopes and jazzing them up using an assortment of glitzy bis and bobs like buttons, sequins and googly eyes.

Check out the kids' cards, handmade especially just for you! Merry Christmas everyone x

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Nativity Cribs using mixed media

The cribs are finished...made by terracotta clay Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus created from a peanut shell and coconut tree bark and put into a milk carton manger, sheep created from cork, cotton wool and white towel, dried flowers and plants.

Sorry for some missing photos but I have accidentally erased some photos from my SD card!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Budding Artists at Ziguzajg in St James Cavalier from 19th till 25th November 2012

Portraits, Egyptian Art, paintings inspired by Botticelli and Monet, impasto raw collages... a celebration of design, colours and lines!

Crib in the painting process...

After modelling the crib figures from terracotta clay, today we painted them using acrylic and later a gloss finish once dry. We also made the base using recycled corrugated cardboard, green and brown paint, plaster of paris dust and PVA glue for a bumpy effect.

Check out the fired terracotta clay pinch/thumb pots too and the cork Babushkas!