Sunday, 27 July 2014

More handmade cards

Using decorative paper, finding a matching tissue paper, using embellishments, peel-off stickers and reusing envelopes by giving them a new look which goes with the card's theme and colours.

Vegetable still life

Some modest vegetables from the kitchen basket can turn into beautiful subjects for an object-drawing sitting...tempera on canvas

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day and Night Clay Creations

Handling terracotta clay and using those fingers, hand and arms muscles!!! Bring on those fine motor skills :)

The students learned about terracotta clay properties, and how it dries up. Some technical vocabulary which was mentioned include:

"Slip" : Potter's glue, made of water and small pieces of clay itself. Used to seal pieces of clay together when one applies a piece of clay to his creation. It can also be used to smooth down any ridges.

"Kiln" : Potter's oven, where the terracotta clay creations are put for the firing process.

"Firing:" : The baking process. After the clay is created, it is left to dry (bone-dry.) Then it is put onto shelves in the kiln and baked on a high temperature. The colour changes from greenish grey to terracotta (pinkish brown.) Now it can be painted and varnished.

"Applying" : The children applied clay by putting pieces of clay on top of each other, using slip, such as to create the eyes.

"Piercing" : When the clay is pierced to create holes or dots, using straws, kebab sticks, forks, etc.

"Scoring" : Mark making on the clay, as if drawing or printing, using kebab sticks, pieces of wood, etc.

"Impressing" : Leaving a mark of the objects on the clay, such as creating the cheek with the spoon or impressing a plastic flower to leave its mark.

And here are they after firing and painting (and some dry brushing and glittering :) )

Gorgeous giraffes

"A line is a dot which goes for a walk." (Paul Klee)

The kids created their Striped Giraffe, their Spotted Giraffe and their Funky Giraffe. The aim was to create forms and lines using pencils, markers and felt tip pens on the same colour tone. We also learned about hatching and cross hatching!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Seascapes inspired by Monet and the impressionist brush technique

Creating movement and texture using the paintbrush as a tool in itself...observing and getting carried away by Monet's seascapes on canvas

Scrap Booking Cards with the theme "Celebration"

Handmade Cards with the theme Celebration. Creating different looks for various celebrations using a balloon template, decorative paper, card, ribbons, stickers and gems...and of course, a bucketful of creativity!

Envelopes using an A4 paper

The different looks generated by a balloon

Pretty Pastels and Rocking Red

Monochrome and Red...a touch of drama

Wacky Whales

Painting on canvas using tempera, after researching the different types of whales... killer whale, blue whale, humpback whale, sperm whale, narwhal whale, beluga whale. We started off on what the children already know, and then kept exploring. One should never underestimate young children, they are very knowledgeable and they truly view the world from their own unique perspective! Research and discussion play a huge role as a foundation before painting- it encourages observation skills, puts that painting in context and generates details.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Paper Mache Ice-creams

We've learned how to turn junk maganzines and newspaper into something yummy using a plastic cup, glue and a week these will look even yummier with colour! Check out the several-scooped ice-creams, some with a cherry on top or even a flake at the side!!

Fab Flamingos

What we learned during this lesson:
  • Identifying existing objects and shapes similar to the flamingo's shape, such as a hook, number 2, a question mark, half a heart and an inverted 'S.' This helps little artists observe form and shape within their surroundings.
  • Paintbrush techniques: dry brushing, splattering, dripping and twisting
  • Various collage (newspaper, tissue paper, white printed paper) to add a contemporary feel
  • Complimentary colours
This is our Fab Flamingo Gallery...from pinkish to colourish :)