Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Impressionism and Pointillism

Van Gogh- one of his many self-portraits

Today we had a go at soft pastels, oil pastels, pencil colours and also conte crayons!

Firstly, we learned about Vincent Van Gogh, a Flemish Impressionist artist who did not have the privilege of success during his miserable life, however his art has been celebrated shortly after his death- his Impasto technique, vibrant colours and movement in his paintings are even growing stronger! His style is determined y lots of strokes and lines, which make up shapes and forms once viewed together- in fact Impressionist drawings are better viewed at a distance so one can see all the colours and movement when they come out to play!

We inspired ourselves from Van Gogh's style from one of his famous paintings Starry Night:

You can also follow this link to see more of Van Gogh;s vibrant art:
Vincent Van Gogh

Furthermore, the children were introduced to the Pointillism technique. We observed the art of Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, both of whose art are featured by thousands of dots, which together make up forms. It is a very patience-testing job, but worth it! Whilst the children were applying spots using oil pastels on their black paper, it was like having lots of wood peckers in class! :-)

One of Paul Signac's Pointillism paintings, featuring seascape and reflections, which the children were exposed to:

 Paul Signac

Seurat's most popular painting- yes, that is all made up of tiny dots! ...And by the way, this is huge, so imagine how long it took Seurat to finish!! He must have been a highly patient man! :-)

Georges Seurat

This is what the kids came up to, inspired by both techniques....what a bunch of true artists!

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