Saturday, 28 September 2013

Surrealism, Cubism inspired by Picasso

Thursday 26th and Saturday 18th September 2013

We kicked off the new schedule by introducing ourselves and getting to know each other in the new groups. The lesson also involved socialising since everyone drew a character from a Cubist point of view, inspired by Pablo Picasso, a Spanish Cubist painter.

We observed that Picasso's paintings consist of bright colours, visible outlines, shapes, edges and line. We also observed the colour- what mood does this specific colour convey? Why do we think Picasso used this specific colour in this portrait? We discussed warm and cold colours and how do they make us feel, remind us of, how do they look next to each other, contrasts, etc.

The kids drew a seated person (existing or fictitious) in a wicked way- shuffling the facial features around, what means to this person, favourite colours, food, etc. by putting these characteristics in the drawing with the person to give a more holistic impression of him/her.

We also discussed what the term surrealism means- drawing something which exists in reality, but through a strange and wacky way which makes it seems unreal/ surreal.

Looking forward to see you all next week! It was a pleasure having you around =)

P.S. Next week we'll be uniting music and does music makes us feel, and how does it influence our art? See ya!

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