Sunday, 29 November 2015

Whilst the young ones enjoyed creating a fluffy puffy snowmen full of swirly texture and movement, the older students created theirs using a sock, rice and some other decorations!

Shaving foam, white glue and white paint snowman....After mixing equal amounts of these into a creamy mixture, the children spread dollops of mixture using a spoon to form a snowman. Some decorations ensured the final look of the snowman is classy!! (strips of fabric for the scarf, popsickle stick for the arms, pom poms for the buttons, orange crepe paper for the nose and buttons/sequins for the eyes and a painted black hat)

The older students helped each other create a snowman out of one white sock, which they cut in half. They then filled one half with rice, secured it using white thread and created a hat out of the other half by securing the end, turning it over and positioning over the snowman's head. Pom poms, needles and strips of fabric finished the look!

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