Saturday, 12 September 2015

Final week of Summer @ Budding Artists!!

Poppy fields into  perspective

Painting the baby Indian elephant in black....a very hard job!!

The official helpers for the End of Summer Event painting their t-shirts

Giving colour to Bob the minion, which starts looking his jolly self!

Decorating a ceramic plate using ceramic paints and little ceramic tiles, to be presented as a token of gratitude to Southport Villa and Gardens for the End of Summer Event, Wednesday 16th September

Our groovy sun, shining its rays of colour and love!

Painting the huge ice-cream model in flavours!

Decorating the Indian elephant in pastel and neon colours and wackly patterns, jewels, feathers, buttons and glitter!

Final touches on Bob....

Parchment heart on card....

Tracing over a heart shape using white ink and a thin paintbrush...




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