Monday, 17 August 2015

Triptych Panel

During the Renaissance, over 500 years ago, it was very popular that artists painted on wooden triptych panels, consisting of one main panel and two smaller ones which could be opened and closed upon the bigger one. Usually these triptych panels were opened for special occasions.

One of the artists who has produced several triptych panels is Jan Van Eyck, who was the most famous painter of northern Europe in the 1400's. His oil paintings contain of high fine detail, sometimes said to be painted using a magnifying glass due to its tiny detail.

Younger students worked on a triptych screen based on their home: their home from the outside when the triptych is shut, whilst their home from the inside when open. Their own room was often placed in the major panel, and then the room on its left on the left panel, and the room on the bedroom's right on the right panel.

Older students observed and were inspired by religious themed triptych panels by Van Eyck, and also by Robert Campin.

Dresden Triptych, Van Eyck


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