Sunday, 26 April 2015

One point perspective/ 3 dimensional drawing

Children were asked to make simple small drawings of single Lego blocks. We talked briefly about perspective and viewpoint: how you can view piece of Lego you can angle it so that you can see three sides.

Before we started drawing, we observed how a person looks smaller when further away, and gets bigger as he approaches closer. The children were able to observe that the children in the background seemed of course smaller than children in the foreground. BUT they were also able to observe that ALL children remained VERTICAL. They did not lean (often when children draw shapes in perspective they make the mistake of angling the vertical lines). We used this observation when we looked at and drew the Lego blocks. Vertical lines stayed vertical – it is the angle of horizontal lines which we need to change to help describe perspective.

This lesson also lent itself to 3D writing, where children experimented with writing LEGO and their name using one vanishing point. 

To be extended next week...

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